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    MST Bus Stop Shop &
    Mobility Management Center
    150 Del Monte Avenue
    Monterey, CA 93940

    Salinas Transit Center
    110 Salinas Street
    Salinas, CA 93901

    Marina Transit Exchange
    280 Reservation Road
    Marina, CA 93933

    Salinas Mobility Management Office
    247 South Main Street
    Salinas, CA 93901
    Hours by appointment only.

    Administrative Offices
    One Ryan Ranch Road
    Monterey, CA 93940

Pass Outlets

For your convenience, MST GoPasses are available at MST Customer Service locations and pass outlet locations throughout your community.


Carmel Drug Store, San Carlos & Ocean


City Hall, 147 Fourth St.


City Hall, 45 El Camino Real

King City

City Hall, 212 S. Vanderhurst Ave.


Marina Transit Exchange, 280 Reservation Road


MST Bus Stop Shop, 150 Del Monte Ave.


Costco, 1339 N. Davis Rd. (Basic Regular GoPass only)

FoodsCo, 1030 E. Alisal

Salinas Transit Center, 110 Salinas Street

Save Mart, 1150 South Main Street

Sand City

Costco, 801 Tioga Ave. (Basic Regular GoPass only)


Mal’s Market, 1264 Noche Buena


Watsonville Transit Center, 475 Rodriguez St., #3


All Monterey County branches

GoPasses are sold at pass outlets from the 25th of the month to the 10th of the following month.

Gopasses and Gocards may also be purchased anytime online at the MST Store, by phone at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871) or by mail by sending your check, credit card information or money order to: GoPasses, One Ryan Ranch Road, Monterey, CA 93940.